Understanding Bias in the News Media

An article I found in the Toronto Star titled “Hungarian Prime Minister says Donald Trump is Better for Everyone” written by Pablo Gorondi, refers to the Prime Minister of Hungary praising US presidential candidate Donald Trump. Vikor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister, has come out and stated that Trump is the best idea for the United States because of his policies about keeping immigrants out and dealing with terrorism.

Orban has announced publicly that he supports Trump and he would be the best option for the West. Gorondi showcases this in a negative way throughout the article, and spins it to appear as a bad thing for the whole world. He focuses primarily on Orban’s discussion of Trump’s politics when it comes to immigrants, as both of these people have strong ideas on the subject. Immigration is a subject that has caused a lot of division around the world, as many people from the right and the left do not know how to combat the current affairs. Trump has been very vocal about his immigration policies and has made very racist comments in public about it. Therefore, many people associate Trump’s immigration reforms with racism.

The article comes from a left wing news source and therefore plays on the notion that most left wing people hate Donald Trump. Those reading the article would already have a bias against the candidate, and would likely have already let those biases determine how they read the article. There are two sentences in particular that stand out due to the underlying bias that is meant to control the thoughts and minds of those reading the article.

There are many obvious forms of bias within the article. Firstly, the author writes, “Orban, who has built border fences to stop migrants, said…” (Gorondi, 2016). He specifically mentions this because of Trump’s infamous plan to build a wall to keep out Mexican immigrants. This is meant to strike a chord with those readers who already have that previously mentioned bias. Once they see that Orban also supports putting up walls to keep immigrants out, they will automatically register that this man is not a good man because his politics are similar to Trump’s racist ideas. This sentence is in the beginning of the article on purpose because it will set the tone for the rest of the article for anyone who continues reading.

The next biased parts of the article come when Gorondi mentions how unpopular and disliked Orban is with the rest of Europe and the world. He mentions that Orban “has been criticized often by the European Union” (Gorondi, 2016). This sentence is letting people know that this man is not well liked by officials, and that there is obviously a reason that people are not supposed to like this man. It is essentially fueling the fire of hatred toward Orban for his support of a strongly disliked candidate among liberal readers.


Gorondi, Pablo. (2016, July 23). Hungarian prime minister says Donald Trump is better for   everyone. The Toronto Star. Retrieved from       https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/10/

Understanding Bias in the News Media

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